Let it Be (Beatles)

• Oct 3, 2010 - 03:21

So this is my first MuseScore arrangement. Ive been playing for 10 years, but ive just gotten into composing recently and I decided to arrange the first snippet of Let it Be to get a feel for notating music.

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Nice. There was a few things I noticed about the lyrics.

In measure 9 "myself" should be two syllables "my-self". In measure 11 "Mother" should be two syllables "Moth-er" (move the next syllable "Ma" over to the next note. In measure 15 "b-e" should be one syllable "be" written under the first note of the measure.

Congratulations on using MuseScore. Why don't you listen carefully to Paul's left hand and try to transcribe that accurately, then how his left and right hand interact, even in this snippet? You've notated a lead sheet, but Paul's composition and playing reveal much additional subtlety. Try!

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