Changing time signature in one line.

• Aug 21, 2015 - 17:18


I am writing a score for 5 instruments in 5/4. I want to change the time signature in one of the lines to 6/8 but seems I can only do it on all 5 lines. How can I change that? If not possible, I'll try to write it using triplets which won't make it easier and it won't sound the same. Any kind of help will be appreciated.


If by one line you mean one of the five staves, this possible, but be aware it doesn't add up well mathematically and therefore won't make be very clear when people go to play it.

So create this notation - which MuseScore calls a "local" time signature - hold Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) while dragging the time signature to a staff, and it will be applied to that staff only. This only works if all measures affect are empty, so you need to do this before you start entering notes into that passage. It's a very experimental feature and comes with many limitations, not the least of which is that copy and paste in such a region will corrupt your score.

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I run into this in 19th C. scores more often than one would think.

I sing in a company that revives obscure operetta. We ran into just such a scenario in "The Mountebanks" by Cellier / Gilbert. The 2nd act finale was a minefield of mixed time signatures -- the principals singing in one while the chorus sang another. Yikes!

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