Lyrics: Shift-Select beginning and end of seletion

• Aug 22, 2015 - 12:59

Hello good people of MuseScore.

Current Feature: CRTL LEFT CLICK allows for selecting lyric syllables individual to add to a group for moving, etc.

Requested Feature: SHIFT LEFT CLICK to add multiple syllables to group by selecting the first syllable and then SHIFT LEFT CLICKING on the last syllable - like any word processor (even this text editor used on this very Create Forum topic page right now).

Thank you.

And, while I have your attention, thank you for making one of the quickest and easiest music score editing programs available!
You all ROCK!

Eric Eaton


I agree that would be nice. Not just for lyrics, but also chord symbols, articulations, etc.

But meanwhile, there is an almost-as-easy way of doing this. First select the range of notes using this same technique (click first, shift+click last), then right click a lyric and choose Select / All Similar Elements in Range Selection.

Thanks for the comments!

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