error trying to import abc files

• Aug 25, 2015 - 20:43

I get an error while trying to import abc files (see 1st attachment). After selecting 'YES' to create a score (see 2nd attachment), the resulting import has no score to display. Why do I get this error?

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It would be easier to help if you posted the actual ABC file, or even just the text of it. But I would assume there is a syntax error in the file leading to invalid MusicXML being generated.

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The jpg file (attached to the original email) is a screenshot of the ABC file in question. I used notepad from which I copied and then pasted the text into Musescore's abc import window then clicked on the import button after which I got the error. I tried to import a txt file directly but still got the same error. Can you tell me what the correct file structure should be in the the file 'my_file.xml' as shown in the other attached jpg file. I can find it (see path in that screen shot) but I don't know how it must be structured.

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As I said, it would be easier to help if you attached the actual file, or at least included the text within a message. I can't copy and paste the text from a screenshot! And that is what I would want to do - copy and paste it into MuseScore myself to find problem that caused the MusicXML to be generated incorrectly.

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Apparently the problem is the "dorian" key signature, which is not supported. Change it to A or A minor and it works. See #72206: [MusicXML] Corrupted import if key signature is no minor or major - it seems this bug was fixed recently and should be in the next release, whenever that ends up being.

I note that even aside from this, the file *is* corrupt. The time signature says 9/8, but it seems it is really 6/8 - most measures have only six eighth notes. But MuseScore "fixes" this for you, setting the "Actual duration" to 6/8 for each measure (right click a measure, Measure Properties to see this).

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