Line breaks not visible

• Jan 15, 2009 - 03:34

I am having trouble with line breaks not working properly. I am using the Windows version of Musescore 9.3 on Windows XP.

The problem is that the Line Break icons are not visible on the screen. The lines break where I have placed the line break symbol, but I can't see them to make changes.

They have worked properly on a previous score.

Thanks for any help with this.



Perhaps you marked your line breaks as invisible as well? I did this and to get them back to being visible I right clicked with the mouse exactly where they would normally be and you can see a context menu for the break, and one of the options is "Set Visible", that fixed it for me. Another way to make them visible is to use the Object Inspector and look for "Layout Break" the checkmark next to the 'visible' attribute. (Not sure if there's an easier way to toggle the visibiity but this should work.)

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I did try the "Set Visible" property, but it was already set to "visible" at least when I checked via the object inspector. I also tried to click where the line break icon should be, but couldn't locate it.

Thanks, for your suggestion.

I think this is a bug.


Rooker's suggestion would probably work but this way is probably easier:

Look in the Display menu to see if there is a checkmark next to Show Invisible. If there is no checkmark then select Show Invisible from the Display menu.

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Thanks for your suggestion David, but it didn't resolve the issue.

I think this may be a bug.

It has led me to another feature request however. The only way I can seem to rectify the problem is by adding new measures and re-entering the notes. However, adding measures only occurs before the current cursor location. Is there a way to have an add after cursor location. This becomes important if you are trying to add measures at the end of a line.

Thanks for a great product.

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Please attach the file in question to a comment below.

You can add measures to the end of a line by clicking on the next measure (at the beginning of the next line) and inserting as normal. Keep in mind that new measure will not move to the line above unless there is room for it. If you are trying to add measures to the end of the piece you can use Create > Measures > Append Measures...

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