by time signature 2+3 / 2 score crashed

• Jan 15, 2009 - 16:58

Vista, R1437
create score
create time signature 2+3 / 2
enter 1/8 notes
then crash

sometimes when no crashed then beams own life leads and beams wrong places.
despite very good program... ;-)

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In the current versions of MuseScore there are no automatic beaming rules for additive time signatures so it ends up beaming across the entire measure (as will happen with most other custom times signatures).

How is a measure of eighth notes normally beamed in (2+3)/2 time? Is it a group of eight eighth notes followed by a group of 12 eighth notes? Or do they break on every beat?

I didn't get a crash using 1422. I'll try again after I download the latest prerelease.

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I managed to get MuseScore to crash a couple times during mouse input if I'm not careful about getting the note in exactly the right place (mouse input in 0.9.4 is a little buggy in this regard).

I was able to match the time signatures and notes shown in "time 3.png" using r1437. I can send you the file if you need it.

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Obviously there are some bugs here, but please include the actual file so I can give the correct instructions for a work-around.

When I inserted measures before the 2/2 measure in the test file above it gave me measures of incorrect duration. Dragging the (3+2)/2 time signature to these measures corrected them. Maybe this is the same thing you encountered. Maybe not.

Jaap Plaisier
Jan 17, 2009 - 23:10

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Thank you! I can solve it visually sometimes invisible notes or rest.
Other problem. see attachments
The score: ps49.mscz
The faults: Psalm_049_canon_musescore-1.png see 1,2, and 3
1. rest is wrong
2. input notes problem
3 time notes problem

ps49 example is: Psalm_049_canon.png
I hope that it is understandable...
( vista r1439 )
Maybe for future a wish: 232.png
Again many thanks

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Psalm_049_canon.png 34.58 KB
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The (2+3)/2 time signature creates measures with a duration of five (2+3) half notes. In the context you are using, it looks like (2+3)/2 time signature means the measures should be either 2 half notes long or three half notes long. This is possible to do in MuseScore. Read the properties section of Measure operations . You'll need to change the "actual" measure duration for each measure. In the file attached I corrected the measure durations.

You may notice I fixed the curly brace so that it only spans the first two staves instead of all three. I also extended the barlines to that they span the first two staves. You might consider creating a personal template for organ where this is all set up for you (see the template section of create new score for instructions).

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Jaap Plaisier
Jan 19, 2009 - 19:51

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Hi David, Stupid of me, I was forget the possibility of Measure oprerations. The program is still better then I thought... ;-)
my problem is resolved. Many thanks (again) for your perfect support!
Best regards, Jaap

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