• Aug 31, 2015 - 11:57

Anyone able to help me on 2 things? 1, when i use a sound font, it always changes to piano after I leave then rejoin. Of course, i did save.
2. can anyone help me combine 3 sf2 files with the default one? the 3 sf2 are here:…


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Actually I am primarily a Viena user, and only have a very basic working knowledge of Polyphone, but I will try to guide you as much as I can.

Viena has the ability to import presets directly from any soundfont, and so is a much better tool for merging soundfonts than Polyphone, which doesn't appear to have this - certainly not in the version I have installed anyway.

One thing to be wary of when you are trying to combine soundfonts is the overwriting of presets which actually you want to keep.

A certain amount of preparation is required where you edit the soundfonts you intend to merge so that the sounds are in Banks which will not overwrite presets you wish to keep.

The sf2 version of the default soundfont is currently always available from my DropBox account - latest version link is here...

The default soundfont has an MIT licence which by definition will also apply to any soundfonts you may derive from it.

Hope This Helps

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