Tuplets and number/bracket position in MusicXML export

• Sep 4, 2015 - 17:39

MuseScore permits the manual positioning of tuplet indications.
I can enter a tuplet and then decide if I want the number and bracket (when appropriate) to be positioned above or below the stave - this is great.

When exported to MusicXML, two nodes are necessary :
- <time-modification> to specify the number used
- <tuplet ... > to indicate start and end notes and give other display information.

At present, MuseScore does not output the placement of the tuplet indicator.
This is what I mean -

<tuplet number="1" placement="above" type="start" bracket="no" />

It is the placement attribute which is missing.

I understand that in the vast majority of cases, the position would not be changed from the normal position and so it could be induced.

However, when we want to place the position differently (for what ever reason), it is necessary to have the placement value - otherwise manual edits are lost.

Could this be included ?


In MuseScore 3.4.1 (Jan 2020) the export of the placement attribute of the tuplet element is still not included. It would be very important (and I guess quite easy) to add this attribute to the export engine.

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