flag 32nd upbeat too wide

• Sep 6, 2015 - 13:03

Is there a way to make the flags op the single 32nd not upbeat less wide, I think they are too wide. I can move the notes a bit to make the gap a bit wider but would prefer to have the flag less wide...

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Style / General / Beams / Broken beam minimum length.

EDIT: Elaine Gould, in "Behind Bars" (one fo the definitive references on such matters), recommends these beams the same length as a notehead. Our default seems to match this very well, so I'd say that while you are free to modify this setting to suit your preference, the default is good according to the best standard we have available.

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There are indeed certain extremely complex cases like the one you show where it is very difficult to even come up with a clear set of rules to determine what the correct beaming should be, much less implement it. We do try pretty hard to avoid the "beam corners" you see here, but it already takes a pretty big mess of special cases to handle all the situations we already do. Feel free to submit an official bug report on this one, but I'm not sure how easy it will be to fix without breaking things that currently work well.

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