how to slur across pagebreak

• Oct 22, 2010 - 11:45

Win Xp

When starting a slur at the end of the page they don't automatically jump to the next page when using shift-arrow. I have to end the slur at the last note of the page and start a new one at the next page. This looks markedly different then it should and create all kind of problems when the slur has to start on the last note of the page and continue on the next. Any ideas on how to do this?

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It should work. I create a score on two pages and add a slur on the last measure. Then use Shift + left arrow to extend it on the next page. A second slur appears at the top of the second page and you can double click it and extend it.

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If you just need a single page that you can print out:

  1. Select first bar, press 'insert' to add a single bar in front of it.
  2. In note entry mode add your note in the new bar, in this case C3. Duration doesn't matter. Then press '+' to create the slur.
  3. Leave note entry mode, select your extra bar and add a page break from the breaks and spacers panel. The now second page will look as you want, with a slur to the first note.
  4. Go back to your extra bar, right-click, select bar properties, and tick 'Exclude from bar count'.
  5. Print out the second page.

It's a bit of a kludge but works.

Edited to add:
Or just use the one in the Articulations palette.

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