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• Sep 8, 2015 - 22:48

I've been experiencing a lot of "Musescore" Crashing lately, and it happens every 30 minutes, around that time. I cannot save, meaning it's already crashed. Second, whenever I'm in the middle of composing something It tends to crash as well. Not every time at all moments, but every so 30 minutes, give or take time. Also, It only happens when I am working in Musescore. I can have it sit, open, over night and it won't crash.

My latest score I was in the middle of finishing, wouldn't save. 40 minutes after when I really had things getting great, it crashed. But that's not all. When I re-opened it, which took about 5 minutes for some reason like it always does... It filed the "file" as corrupt and I lost the file.

FYI I'm using Windows 10, and my computer type isn't the matter here. My friend has been having the same issues on a completely different computer spectrum. But is the problem with Windows 10?



Sorry to hear of your problems, but there is little we can do without a copy of the score you are having problems with and precise steps to reproduce the problem. Please attach any scores that you think would help us, using the file attachments link right below where you type your post.

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Having the file helps, but we still need a precise series of steps to follow to reproduce the crash?

Only thing that offhand looks like it might have the potential to cause real problems are the characters in the subtitle. I guess they are probably meant to be some sort of Kanji characters, but they don't seem to exist in the FreeSerif font. Were you attempting to use some other font there?

It's possible that has nothing to do with anything, but it wouldn't hurt to delete or fix that text and see if your problems go away. If not, though, we definitely need to know how to reproduce the problem ylu are seeing.

Other issues I can see with your score include lines are created incorrectly, like the ottava indications that are attached to measurw 182 but for some reason have been dragged or otherwise repositioned to appear in measure 194. Really, pretty much *all* of the ottava lines appear to have been created incorrectly; they are attached to one measure but have been repositioned to appear in another. That in itself shouldn't cause crashes, but it's definitely something you should fix (see the Handbook under "Lines" to learn how to add lines correctly), and it is certainly the case that doing things incorrectly will exercise parts of the code that normally would never be hit, and it's more likely that bugs are hiding there than in the places that are hit when you do things the correct way.

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Marc, I doubt the kanji are a problem. I have seen and used them before with no problem. Though, that's odd (The ottava's look fine to me on my file) Also, I'll eventually find a certain measure that seems to crash my program every time. And, like at Measure 108, on the Trombone's, is where It happened this time.

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Kanji are not a problem in themselves. but the fact that they are not showing properly on this score indicates there *is* some sort of problem - like they are being used differently somehow, or the special glyphs involved are somehow problematic. Anyhow, like I said, it *might* be nothing, but there have been cases where incorrectly encoding of non-ASCII characters has caused crashes, sometimes due to a file being imported from another program. Was this file created form scratch in MuseScore 2.0 or later?

The ottavas are definitely not fine. Double click one and you'll see the dotted line showing you where they are actually attached. Maybe some of them are correct, but quite a lot are not, including the speciifcs ones I mentioned.

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