MuseScore doesn't start up...

• Jan 18, 2009 - 15:12

After I downloaded the installer and installed MuseScore for the first time, I klicked Start->All programs->Musescore 0.9->MuseScore, as mentioned in the handbook. After a few moments I saw an oval image for a second and nothing happned after that. Windows doesn't give an error or something...

I tried restarting windows, downloading again, re-installing the program, but nothing worked!!!

I really hope someone can help me, it seems that I have finally found the music notation sofware I need.


Not sure what the problem is. Does the MuseScore icon show up when you hold down alt and tab through the open programs? Maybe it is just me but I've noticed Windows XP is quite buggy about showing the programs that are actually open (sometimes they disappear from the taskbar, etc).

Another thing to try is downloading and installing the latest prerelease and see if behaves differently.

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