Allow for both Old and New style TAB clef

• Nov 1, 2010 - 14:43

Currently the TAB clef is a script font which is good for lute tabs, but for modern guitar TABs, an upper case bold sans serif


is much more common. Having the option between the two, or having the script style associated with lute and classical guitar tabs and the new style associated with guitar and bass might be nice.


In fact, in traditional lute / viol tabulatures, I have never seen a TAB 'key' (well, it isn't a key, is it?). What else a tabulature can be other than a tabulature?

So, I would expect early music tabulature users (who would/could take advantage of the current calligraphic style of the 'key') would in most case simply set the TAB 'key' to invisible (at least, I would...)

Just my 2 cents...


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Those look like varying sizes for differing amounts of strings, the top one would be for 5 strings, 4strings, and 6 strings, (not sure about the bottom one) Generally the TAB 'clef' fills the entire height of the TAB staff.

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I think the one that was just added is good, we may want a smaller one for bass guitar that does not stick out over 4 strings. But the bigger on is fine for 5-7 strings IMHO. It has such a short history that there really isn't a 'standard' like with a G clef.

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