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• Jan 20, 2009 - 01:48

Hello. I'm writing a two-voice exercise for a student, and something odd is happening with the rests in Voice 2.

Voice 1 is working properly. The problem is that in Voice 2, all rests are appearing just above the staff, instead of the middle of the staff (at the "G" above the staff in Treble Clef). This happens whether I input the rests using the mouse or by pressing the space bar. I cannot seem to find anything that sets a rest location in the menu. Any suggestions?


All my initial joy over MuseScore has evaporated as I fight to get notes placed in their correct locations in measures. I can't figure out how Musescore is supposed to work. Notes seem to choose at random where they want to plop down. And rests don't appear where they are needed. And the cursor jumps ahead past where I need to insert a note. Just getting notes a their correct moments is totally eluding me.

To make matters worse, in note entry mode, the voice 3 notes are coming in yellow, barely visible against a white background, and I can't see exactly where they are or whether they have dots. It's torture.

Could not Musescore instead simply bump notes against the beginning of measures and require user to insert rests to move them? Or could somebody please explain the voodoo that is going on with note positions and demon rests?

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This issue with note placement with the mouse is a known bug that has proven difficult to fix for the past half a year (see list of regressions ). When you are using the mouse you have to be very precise about the note placement. Look carefully where you need to place the note (since there is more choices than you would expect). Either that or use keyboard note entry which doesn't have this issue.

I love keyboard entry. But as I mentioned above, it doesn't work for me, the cursor skips right over the places I want to put notes. Yes, it seems to work fine for new entry. But for going back and fixing parts (voices), it gives me fits once I start reworking a measure. But I don't want to complain, I want to get on with my work.

David, how do you make it work? Do you use custom colors so you can see the notes better? Do you zoom very large? Do you adjust your screen brightness?

lasconic, it would be nice to stand behind you as you edit some of the measures I am having trouble with. I am sure I could pick up some tricks by watching you.

I am using the arrow keys, the space bar, and the letters and numbers. Is there some other key I should be using that might get the cursor into the area it's jumping? I mean sometimes it is jumping an entire measure, or sometimes part of a measure with no apparent rests.

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Xavierjazz, you pick a "short enough rest" and fill the measure with it when you are having placement problems? For example, I might use 1/16 rests to assist me in visualizing and pinpointing the location for notes if I am having trouble with placement at the right time coordinate?


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My comment was aimed at trying to help the person have placement problems. Yes, I sometimes use the rests - particularly when I want to use triplets.

Sometimes rests (short) do help with visualization.


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