I made my first Piano Tab with Musescore!!!!

• Sep 21, 2015 - 12:10

Hi everyone,

Since i discovered the ambrose piano tabs i was trying to make a good looking piano tab score and yes the first score is available !!!

A piano tab is the same concept like a guitar tab. The lines are the black keys of a piano so you don't have sharps or flats. Its way easier to learn than the traditional sheet music. I scored Bach's 'Invention 1'.

Try it!!!!

Best Philip Bergwerf

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bachinvention01 mscore.pdf 168.25 KB


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Yes of course! In the pdf the last bar from the left hand is not right but in this file i fixt it. The program is not made to make things like this so the playback is not what i writed down. and for some reason at some point the notes from a bar ago are playing;-)

About piano tabs: All rules about rhythmic notation are the same. Beam up is right hand, beam down is left.

Enjoy it!!! and share with others who found traditional sheet difficult to learn!

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Invention 1 Piano_Tab ll lll ll lll.mscz 31.01 KB

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by hack I mean how did you force mscore into displaying something it doesn't internally understand.

Your hack is that you created an 8-staff piano instrument, with each staff having 2 or 3 lines, and with certain spacing between the staff to line up with piano keyboard.

Thanks Philip. I saved it in my Templates folder. I made a C major scale:
C major scale, contrary motion, piano tab.png
I think the treble clef should be put down a space, though, so it's curled around G.


I scored again a piece called Preludio from Isaac Albaniz in piano tab format. And because Musescore doesn't save a custom clef position i was thinking why i placed 2 clefs on a sheet. We need one clear clef so in this sheet i placed a bracket over the central D lines on the staff and called it the 'Central D' clef. XD

By the way, this is some nice pianomusic!

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