MuseScore 2 crashed after attempting to print and now won't open anymore (Windows 10)

• Sep 22, 2015 - 22:33


I'm using Musescore 2 (I'm pretty sure I'm using 2.02, but I can't open the program to check), 64 bit on Windows 10.

The problem started after I updated my Windows 7 machine to Windows 10, then downloaded the new version of MuseScore 2 for Windows 10 (since the Windows 7 version wasn't working).

When I attempted to print a score to a pdf printer, I got as far as the save as screen (naming and selecting directory for the new file), then MuseScore froze and crashed. No error code. When trying to open MuseScore again, my computer thinks for awhile, then just stops. MuseScore doesn't open, and isn't listed as an active program in Task Manager. (This happens both when trying to open the program and trying to open a musescore file).

I was able to start up the program using the Reset to Factory settings instructions once, but the same problem happened again when I tried to print. And after that, Reset to Factory settings doesn't work anymore, even after restarting. I did try a uninstall/reinstall, but that didn't solve the problem either. I would download a previous edition, but they aren't supported by Windows 10.

I don't think the particular score is the problem, because I was able to move the file to another machine and everything worked fine. EDIT: But I attached it by stevebob's suggestion.

Any advice or workarounds for this would be much appreciated. I really love this program and I have lots of music I need to write!

Thank you so much for your time and your help.

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Sharing the .mscz is always potentially helpful, and sometimes it's an actual prerequisite to troubleshooting what could be going on. I think that's the case here, so please do share. :-)

There is no Windows 10 Version or MuseScore, just a Windows version, which should run on XP Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. And even the previous versions of MuseScore, while not tested on 10, should just work.

Your score opens just fine here on Windows 7. And I can save as PDF without a Problem too, see atached.

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I think you may be right. I can't even find the pdf printer on my computer that I used before updating to Windows 10 and the only one I have installed I don't even have a license for (it came with the computer). I tried uninstalling it but it gets frozen midway. When I try to repair it, it says it doesn't have a license. But in other programs when I try to print (with a pdf printer or not), the program just times out/displays "Not Responding" and I can open the program later after forcing it to close/ending it. I can't open MuseScore anymore though, even after restarting my computer. Any ideas of how I can free MuseScore from the evil printer while I try to solve the printer problem?

Thank you all for your help so far! I really appreciate it.

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You have tried reset to factory settings.
You have tried uninstall/reinstall MuseScore.
You have restarted your computer.
If there was a time when MuseScore worked properly in Windows 10 (i.e. before you attempted to print to a pdf printer), you might try System Restore to roll back your computer to that earlier time. Look for 'Recovery' in the Windows Control Panel.


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