Happy Birthday is now in the public domain

• Sep 23, 2015 - 16:24

Happy Birthday is finally in the Public Domain!

According to these articles, a US court has recently declared the classic song "Happy Birthday to You" to be in in the public domain:


I have thus typeset an arrangement of the song based upon the song that "Happy Birthday" itself is based upon, "Good Morning to You", and made them available to the public here:


At this link you will find music in both A4 and US Letter sizes. Download, play, and enjoy!


It really was kind of stupid to have a law that prevents people from singing happy birthday in public in america so I guess this is good news.

Yeah, I've read this in the news... Warner_Music_Group is now longer allowed to cash up the fees of about 2 Million bucks a year for a song that was composed in a Kindergarden in 1893...
> See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Birthday_to_You#2013_lawsuit
Always the very same story... >B^{
The real artist/composer/songwriter won't get any cent for it. He's got the fame, that's much enough for her/him.
Every financial profit out of musical work is supposed to be private property for smart american-type businessmen and/or american-type-lawyers (who invented, as everybody should know, the tone, the voice, the song, the string, all kind of instruments, all sound-studio- and record-techniques, production of LP, CD, *.WAV, *.MP3 - and, of course, the note-staff, the clefs, the notes, the accidentals, notepaper and noteprinting, too!)
But, as this fountain and source of moneymaking without any effort has now dried out - does anybody know about the ©opywrong or ®egistered Tradequark with "For he's a jolly good fellow?" Hey, 'ye Guys and Lawyers from Warner Music Group, don't 'ye notice the smell of money from that?

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