Create parts from a sextet

• Jan 24, 2009 - 10:25

It is really impossible to create each part of a sextet. The program only allows to extract the first part (flute in my case), but I need to extract the rest of a woodwind quintet + piano parts.
I have Musescore 0.9.4. and the last update to debian.
I have tried: File: Parts: Create new part after select the instrument and tell the name.
The name of the part appears in the main body of the program (next to the sextet) but when I click on it the program closes immediately.

I have tried to eliminate instruments from the sextet score but when I click OK the program closes too.

Please, help me. I am working hard to edit a score for my PhD.

Thank you.



I fixed this in revision 1472. Work around is to open the "Instruments" dialog and delete all instruments execpt the one you want to see in your part.
Then "save as". Dont forget to first make a copy of the original score in case you accidentally overwrite it.

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I'm having a similar issue with a four-part score that I'm working on (with version 0.9.4 r1518, running on Windows XP Home SP3). The first part extracts just fine without doing anything special to it. The other parts will extract without crashing if I delete all of the slurs in the one I'm about to extract (but not necessarily the ties). Haven't gone so far as to try deleting only *some* of the slurs yet, but I wonder if that relates at all to what's going on with the six-part score?

And always making a copy of the original score beforehand!

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