Tuplets Inside of Tuplets

• Sep 26, 2015 - 05:14


I've come across this problem a lot, because I have been trying to write drum-corps remixes in musescore, but a couple of techniques are not possible. What I want to recreate is something akin to measure 96 on this piece of music: http://www.mediafire.com/download/245v7wphcz4m9p0/My+Songs+Know+What+Yo…

See how the quarter note triplet is inside another quarter note triplet? I want to recreate this in musescore. However, I don't exactly understand why you can't. If other software programs can, why can't musescore?


I can't access your example, but nested tuplets are certainly possible. The inner tuplet is created just like any other: press Ctrl+n, where n = the number of notes you want to divide into. So, to create a quarter note triplet with the middle note divided into an eighth note triplet, type:

6 Ctrl+3 C Ctrl+3 D D D 5 C

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OK, that's a particularly tricky one to think through, but still easy to enter once you understand the rhythm. The outer tuplet is a quarter note triplet, taking two beats, so you start with "6 Ctrl+3". Then you enter the two eighth notes: "A A" (as if this were trble clef, which I assume it isn't, but you get the idea). The next three notes are another quarter note tuplet, taking the space of a half note, so "6 Ctrl+3 A A A".

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