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• Sep 26, 2015 - 16:40

Musescore seems to be reading whole measure rests as "corruptions."


Ref: Browser does not work.
My operating system is Windows 7 and the browser is contained in the computer which is a HP.

Has my account been upgraded to musescore 2

When I attempt to attach the file containing the arrangement in question by clicking "browse," the same page re-appears, smaller.

The operating system is Windows 7 and the computer is a HP.

Is the existing software automatically upgraded to musescore 2?

I'm already using Firefox.
Dragging only results in the passage moving with the mouse. Clicking "save" or any of the other boxes results in a smaller version of the same page.

What's the procedure to upgrade to muscore 2?

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If you are seeing messages about a corrupt score, you nust already have MuseScore 2 - older versions would not detect or warn about corruption.

But to be sure you have the latest version (2.0.2), just click the big download button on the main page.

If you are currently using Firefox and are unable to upload an attachment, then try Internet Explorer instead. Or perhaps email the file to a computer-savvy friend to help.

Hi, Marc
Unfortunately I don't know any computer savvy friends. At my age, everyone is either dead or watching TV.

How do I undo musescore 2? If the old version wouldn't "see" the corruption, then I could post my latest score with all the full measure rests that apparently are causing the problem.


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It wouldn't matter - if your score is corrupt, very bad things will happen whether MuseScore tells you about it or not. Full measure rests do not normally cause problems. There must be something very special about this particular score that is causing the problem. But I'm afraid that unelss you can find someone who can help you post the score here, there won't be any way we can help.

I've listened to the score 6-8 times and gone over it measure by measure several time.and I didn't see anything thing that would trigger 80 plus corruptions, along with eight previous scores saved without a problem.

Anyway, Marc, I appreciate your efforts and am sorry that we were not able to resolve the problem.


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