Corruption after editing lyrics style?

• Sep 30, 2015 - 01:53

With reference to the 2 attached files:

"Ain't Misbehaving- Bb- OK" opens successfully.
I opened this file, and made 2 changes to the style of Lyrics/Text/Odd Lines:
- from 11 to 10 pt,
- and unchecked "Size follows staff space setting."
Then I saved the score under the name "Ain't Misbehaving- Bb- bad, after lyrics style chg."

Then I tried to open this "after change" file, and received this error message:
"Cannot read file C:/...Ain't Misbehavin- Bb- dot backup after lyrics style chg.mscz: bad format"
Show Details showed: "XML read error at line 3740 column 20: "

I'm describing the simple case in this message. I came to this because earlier I continued working on this score and eventually MS2 crashed, giving the same or a similar message about "bad format."

I'll be grateful for advice / help - thanks.


Was this score originally imported from MusicXML or from some other program? I ask because there are some odd things going on, like non-standard stem directions that I can't imagine you'd have done deliberately (eg, measure 6), and even the notes with correct stem direction have it set explicitly rather than being set to "Auto".

Anyhow, I believe the problem is the lyric "&" in measure 28. Somehow it is stored incorrectly in the bad version of the file. Can you give precise steps for getting from the good version to the bad version? I tried doing what you described but did not have a problem. I kind of suspect the problem might actually have something to do with the import from MusicXML, but that wouldn't explain how you got an OK version. Are you on 2.0.2? What OS>

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Marc thank you for looking at it + coming back on it.

- I believe I got this score originally from Wikifonia a couple years ago, and edited it on several occasions in MS1.x since then. I began using MS2 regularly last week.
- I am on MS2.0.2, on XP (32 bit).

Here are the steps that result in the load error -
1. Open "Ain't Misbehavin- Bb- OK.mscz"
Click style>lyrics>odd lines. Change font size from 11 to 10, click OK
Save file as "AM#1 11-10"
Close it + try to reopen it. Opened OK.

2. Open file "AM#1 11-10"
Click to select the first lyric "No".
Rgt click > select> all similar elements
Inspector > reset text to style
save file as "AM#2 reset lyrics to style".
Close it + try to reopen it.

Load error- Cannot read file C:/.../AM#2 reset lyrics to style.mscz: bad format
Details: XML read error at line 3741 column 20:

After doing the above, I removed the "&" lyric in meas 28, and then did the above on that file. Without the "&" and after "reset to style", the file loaded successfully. If there is value to you in understanding this case/behavior further, I am quite happy to continue exploring it. On the other hand if you would rather move on, I'm happy to do so.

On a slightly different topic- stem direction:
I tried selecting all the notes in a system (4 bars) and setting "stem direction" to AUTO in Inspector. That changed some of them but not all. Is there another way to reset stem direction to auto for an entire score?

As always thanks once more for your time on this Marc.

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Thanks for the additional info! It is indeed the "Reset Text to Style", combined with the lyric containing "&", that triggers the problem.

As it turns out, someone else had recently reported a problem with that same combination, but the original report just mentioned that the "&" disappears (which it does). I don't think it had been discovered that it also causes problems on save/restiore. There is a pending fix for this, so hopefully the next version of MuseScore will include it. Here is the bug report if you would like to follow its progress:

#72051: Reset text to style causes html escaped sequences to disappear

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Regarding stem direction, I'll bet it was the beamed notes that did not reset. There is a separate direction property on the beam itself that would also need to be reset. But easier, just select the whole range and press Ctrl+R to reset *everything* to defaults. That's what I would normally recommend as a first step on any MusicXML import.

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