can't seem to type letter "b"

• Oct 8, 2015 - 02:56

I'm trying to type the word "bone" but consistently the "b" does not work. So all I can get is "one".

Do I need some kind of escape key or something like that? Not even sure where to look in the docs for help ....

Laura S.


Upon further experimentation, it just appears to be the letter "b" in lower case. Capital "B" works just fine, so am using it as a workaround. All other letters work fine.

Where are you trying to type it? If the "Revert to factory settings" does not fix the problem, please post the specific score you are having problems and precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem.

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The technical reason is because it is deifned here:…

Apparently, not *all* text edit modes - just lyrics. STATE_HARMONY_FIGBASS_EDIT and STATE_TEXT_EDIT are conspicuously absent.

As for *why* this might have been done, who knows, might have been a copy & paste job from some other shortcut where that made sense, maybe once upon a time someone specifically requested the rewind shortcut be available during lyrics entry for whatever reason. Worth revisiting for sure.

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