(Mac Users) Making VMPK Settings "Stick"

• Dec 24, 2010 - 07:52

A question for any of the Mac users who are using MS and VMPK together.
I have both on my computer, and when run, they work great. However, in the I/O tab of MS preferences, in "choose portmidi input interface," when I have it set up it shows that it is using VMPK. I set it up, click "Apply" then OK, and restart MS.
My problem is that everything stays "hooked," but only for that time I am running the programs. If I quit either program, the "hook" is lost, and I have to set it all up again.
It isn't that big a deal doing it each time, but restarting a program to enable changes is not unusual; it even says in two places on the I/O pane that changes require a restart of MS!
So, fellow Mac users, am I missing something? Or do I just set it up every time?
Thanks for the help.

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