import into Songbook library with different title- metaTag workTitle

• Oct 18, 2015 - 04:31

When I imported this song file (attached below) "My Baby Just cares for Me" into Android Songbook, it appeared correctly as the score; however, it showed up in the library screen as "Cottage for Sale." Cottage is another song I've worked on in MuseScore 2.

I saved the file as mcsx (uncompressed), opened it with Notepad, and searched for "Cottage for Sale."
The search returned that string in the tag called 'metaTag name="workTitle" '.

I changed that tag to "My Baby Just cares for Me", saved as an mcsz, imported into Songbook, and the edited file loads up correctly in Songbook's library. So it seems I've fixed the problem on this particular song.

2 questions I'd appreciate help with:
1) Am I correct in assuming that the metatag "workTitle" is designed + intended to be the same value as the Title of the song? I'm asking because I use a particular mscz file as a starting point for most of my new song files, and that file also had "Cottage for Sale" in it's "workTitle" metaTag. So it looks like I may need to go back + check + fix several files since I did Cottage for Sale.

2) I'd be very grateful if anyone could suggest whether anything I did might have caused this, or any other idea how it got in there. I remember some issue where my computer locked up + I had to do a hard shutdown. I can't recall if that happened as a result of something I did in MuseScore, but I'm pretty sure MuseScore was open at the time, and possibly with the Cottage for Sale, My Baby Just Cares, or the starter file open.

Thanks very much in advance.

BIG kudo's to everyone who's worked / working on MuseScore and Songbook. Songbook is a killer app in a jam session, and MuseScore is all I need or want in a scorewriter. Well done to all - BRAVO!!


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Before saving a score check: File / Info.


If you fill out a new score by overwriting the previous one, the original title will not be changed automatically

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Thanks much for pointing me to the "info" menu choice - that is new to me + quite helpful.

Looking at a couple of my files, some have nothing in the workTitle- it's blank. In others that were created from predecessor song files, the workTitle is changed to the new Title. The ones with blank workTitle show up in Songbook's library under the Title just fine.

Is there any downside to making "workTitle" blank by default? If you / anybody else can shed any further light on how this works in MuseScore and / or in Songbook, I'd appreciate it. Thanks again.

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