Use of synth effects causes lower volume when reopening file

• Oct 18, 2015 - 10:51

MS 2.0.2 / Win 7 / Win 10.

The problem, in a nutshell, is that the synthesizer effects section is causing a lowering of playback volume when you close and reopen the program:

1. Play the attached score while making the following adjustments.
2. Open "View > Synthesizer >Master Effects."
3. Set Effect B to "No Effect."
3. Set Effect A to Zita 1. Delay to 20 and "Output" to "Mix."
4. Click on "Set as default."

Note the volume, and the peak levels in the synthesizer volume meter.

5. Close and reopen the program and play the file again. It is playing at a lower volume even though no controls have been touched.
6. Open "View > Synthesizer >Master Effects." Now make any adjustment you like to the "Output" control. This will restore the former volume. You should see an increase in the peak level.

7. Set both effects to "No effect." Click on "Set as default."
8. Close and reopen the program. Play the file. Open "View > Synthesizer >Master Effects." Note the peak levels in the meter.

This shows that the problem only occurs when the effects section is on.

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