Pasting chord symbols causes crash

• Oct 18, 2015 - 15:50

Lets say I want to dup chord sequence from first 8 bars to next 8 bars. First I copy chord symbols using 'select all similar elements' then paste onto next 8 and MS crashes. I suppose it is taking all 16 bars and trying to paste on to last 8 with out doing a range check so program crashes. How about doing range check and just paste first 8 bars regardless of copy object length.

Maybe there is another way to select a range of chord symbols but even so.

Incidently, love MuseScore.


If there are literally only chord symbols the first 8 bars, this should work and does for me. But if there are any chords after those first 8 bars, then indeed, there is a crash tht occurs for exactly the reason you surmise. This was actually just reported a few days ago, and that I just implemented a fix last night - see #83441: Copy-paste a set of chord symbols > 2 before the last measure leads to a crash.

If you are seeing a problem that does *not* invlve there being more than 8 bars worth of chords selected, then could you post the specific score you are having problems with and steps to reproduce the problem? Otherwise, the problem you are seeing should be fixed in the next release

BTW, as for workaround, first select the range of bars you'd like the chord symbols copied from, then right click on chord symbol and "Select / All Similar Elements in Range Selection". That way you aren't selecting too many chords for the destination.

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