How to move lyrics only?

• Nov 3, 2015 - 10:24

Hi there!

I have a very interesting use-case:

I need to adjust the spacing of lyrics on a singer/lead stave.

However, when I move the lyrics slighty left or right, whether with the mouse or with Ctrl+Arrow, the notes move too.

Is there any way to ONLY move the lyrics without changing the note spacing?




Not currently. This wouldn't normally be desirable. You can always adjust the note position as well, or maybe instead of adjusting the lyric, depending on what exactly you are trying to accomplish. Can you post the specific score and explain more about what kind of adjustment you are trying to make?

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I wish I had your problem, Étienne. Whenever I move a syllable left or right, the syllable alone moves and becomes visually detached from the note above it. I would love to be able to move a syllable and have the note come along. I would also like to be able to move a syllable (with the mouse especially; but I'm open to alternatives) and keep it aligned with the rest of the lyric line, much in the manner of, say, shift-mouse move or control-mouse move (usually shift, IIRC) will move something in a straight line in Adobe Photoshop (and other programs). As it is, if I grab a syllable with a mouse to move it, there's no guarantee it will stay aligned properly.

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That never worked for me before. Just tried it on a score I have open. Shift constrained movement to vertical, not horizontal. However, Control constrained movement to horizontal. Will have to keep that in mind, because lyrics do not space well, especially if I increase the point size and/or change the typeface. Or is there some way to make the lyrics and the notes both sort themselves out so they read well aesthetically?

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Shift / Ctrl my mistake :(

Style / Text ...> Lyrics odd line> change the font size (apply);
Select all similar elements (lyrics) then use the Inspector to adjust them.
But maybe it's not what you mean (google translator helps me as it can)
in the same dialog box have you tried to use the "Alignment" options?


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Lyrics and notes should space correctly and automatically by default - you should virtually never be moving anything manually. That should remain true even if you change font sizes etc. If you have a sepcific score where you feel something is not working as it should, please start a new thread, attach the score, and describe exactly what the problem is.

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