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• Nov 13, 2015 - 15:38


I'm new to Musescore (so far it's brilliant!).

But, I can't seem to find the way to 'play' the notes in on my midi keyboard in realtime along with a click..?

Obviously, I've got my keyboard connected and am able to input by midi one-note-at-a-time, but that's too slow.. in other programs I'm used to setting into 'record' mode, getting a count-in and then playing my melody in real-time along with the click - and then it appears as notation with the rhythm values I just played.

It's not at all obvious (to me anyway!) how to do that in Musescore.

Can anybody help?



MuseScore does not have a real0time entry feature. If this style of entry weorks for you, you can always record your playing into a sequencer, save as a MIDI file, then import that.

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Oh, that's disappointing.. I'm very surprised! Surely that's the primary 'style of entry' that would work for any 'musician'?

Is it on the feature requests list?

IMHO, going on how good Musescore already is, if it had that function, it would wipe the floor with all the others!

I tried the midi import thing - my feeling was that it could really do with a 'wizard' to enable you to set up the score properties that you want the imported midi to be displayed with.. (eg. I imported some piano music and it came out on a single stave and try as I might [menu searches, handbook, googling], I couldn't figure out how to change it - post import - to a grand staff..

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There should be a wizard - did you not get a dialogue under the score with a multitude of configuration options?

In actual fact real-time MIDI entry has always been problematic - humans don't play strictly in time enough for computers to interpret their playing correctly. Anything played in real time has to be quantised in order for it to fir music notation properly, and sometimes you need different quantise settings for different parts of your piece.

As an ex- Finale user I can testify that I abandoned real-time input very quickly in favour of step time input, the method available in MuseScore.

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Realistically, only a small minority of notation software users own MIDI keyboards. And only a small minority of notation softwares users are accoplished keybaord players. And of the musicians who both own MIDI keybaords and are accomplished keyboard players, most of them would often be creating music far too complex - in terms of rhythms, multiple voices, etc - for automatic real-time notation to work well. So even though I own a MIDI keyboard and am a professional pianist, I virtually used real-time entry in Finale either, nor do most of the pianist/composers I know who use Finale or Sibelius. We almost all find it more efficient to enter music of any complexity using means other than real-time MIDI entry.

Anyhow, certainly there are other users who happen to own MIDI keyboards and happen to be accomplished keyboard players and who prefer that method of entry, so there are indeed requests for it and it is on the radar as something for future consideration. But it's far from simple, and thus far, no one with the necessary skills and incentive has volunteered to help implement it.

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