MIDI Input not working in Ubuntu 15.10

• Nov 17, 2015 - 15:57

Since upgrading to Ubuntu 15.10 (MuseScore 2.0.2) MIDI input does not work. I can see that the keyboard is connected using lsusb, and I can run other programs (like VMPK which is a simple MIDI keyboard) and they recognize the MIDI input. However, MuseScore does not.

MIDI input is enabled in preferences, and the MIDI input button in the toolbar is turned on. For me this is a huge deal. I do all of my note input using a MIDI keyboard. Without this, I am lost.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Did you remember to turn on the keyboard before starting MsueScore?

BTW, if for some reaosn you can't get this working, be aware there are several other ways of entering notes that are as efficient as MIDI, so no need to be lost. If that overall style of entry suits you, then you could simply use the Piano Keyboard window (press "P" to display). Clicking the notes of this on-screen keyboard works basically exactly the same as MIDI. But you might also consider using your computer keybaord - type an "A" to get an A, etc. It's reallyy just as if not more efficient once you get used to it, assuming you don't live in a country that doesn't normally use letter names for pitches but instead uses a system lime "do re mi". And even so, you can customize your keyboard shortcuts in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts to that "D" (for "do") enters a "C" rather than a "D", etc.

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I use Alsa from the I.O preferences of MuseScore in Linux LXDE with usb midi input. (din to usb, not usb-to-usb). This process uses the motherboard audio codec. Another process uses a pci audio card
with KDEminime with din-to-din midi keyboard input also using the Alsa option. However, the "Jack" option on both setups does not currently provide midi input.
(Evan Mundy)

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