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• Nov 21, 2015 - 15:12


I like to use the piano in musescore with my midicontroller. It works great but the sustain pedal works not. Is it possible to add this sustain pedal future in musescore?

Best, Philip Bergwerf


The sustain pedal should work fine if you add the symbol correctly from the palette. See "Lines" in the palette. It is possible you are trying to set the end point of the line by dragging rather than using Shift+right arrow. You can also add pedal lines by selecting a range then double clicking the symbol.

if you continue to have trouble, please post the score you are having problems with and precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem.

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Thank you for your reply.

No mean when playing piano with musescore. Not the playback of the score. That work fine indeed. It should be verry handy when i can use the piano of musescore exactly like a real piano with midi controller and sustain pedal. Right now i have to use a daw to get a piano with sustain pedal.

Maybe its a midi mapping issue? Let me be clear this is no problem but it should be a great little future i think.


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I don't understand what you mean "playing piano with MuseScore". Do you mean, clicking the keys in the Piano Keyboard window? It is true there is no sustain pedal in that window. Or maybe you mean, you have an external MIDI keyboard, and you are playing it and using MuseScore to generate sounds? I guess it is probably true that sustain wouldn't work, but it would also not really be expected when using the MIDI keyboard for its intended purpsoe in MuseScore: entering notes. It isn't really mean as a general purpose synthesizer for real time performance. There are other programs you can use for that purpose.

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''It isn't really mean as a general purpose synthesizer for real time performance.'' Well that's what i mean. I think it is really an added value to musescore if sustain pedal is added to musescore. because it is almost possible to use musescore as a real time piano synthesizer. it's a little stap to full live piano which is very usefull while working on a project to figure out harmonics.

This is a futere request beacause on windows it's nearly impossible to use a DAW and musescore(or any other audio program) together. On mac it's possible to use DAW and musescore together.

Well maybe this is not the purpose of musescore but this is a future request. if there are no other people into this we can forget it:-) But i hope you understand my point.

Best, Philip Bergwerf

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Can you be more specific about the problems you are having using MuseScore with DAW software? Shouldn't be *that* difficult. Do you have Jack installed & configured? Also, why does MuseScore need to be involved at all? Doesn't your DAW software support MIDI directly? I'm still not totally understanding your use case.

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Could you explain what feature you are looking for? I tried getting the person who started this thread to clarify but never really got a clear answer. It is possible you are looking for the same thing, but it's also likely you are talking about something different, and it may well be that the feature you are looking for is already present - certainly MuseScore does support the sustain pedal in its notation and playback.

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The feature I'm desiring is not about sustain pedal within notation or notation playback but about the live functioning of the connected USB MIDI Keyboard's sustain pedal while playing into musescore's synthesizer.

I'm fully aware that the focus and absolute priority of the musescore developers is notation, but as a musician I'd really like to have this functionality for the sake of workflow. Like Philip, who started this thread, explained. It's about being able to use the MIDI Keyboard within musescore not only as an insert tool but as a musical instrument for composing/arranging/checking out harmonies/voicings etc. I.e. having one sound in musescore active and play, hearing this sound. Then just use the "N" key to rapidly and easily switch between notating and playing. That's a great workflow.

I mean, it works already, except for the sustain pedal feature and I would think that it could be solved quite easily (I am no MIDI expert at all but know that it has to do with CC 64, which would have to be recognised by musescore).

I hope that I've been able to make it clearer to you now, Marc. (By the way, I'm quite sure that I understood the thread opener correctly in that he meant exactly this. When I read this thread, I felt relieved that I'm not the only one missing this feature. It's probably a matter of perspective. If you, Marc, never use musescore in this way, you probably don't see the need for this.

But I had it again just yesterday, as a concrete example: I was checking out harmonies in the strings (while writing for orchestra) and its a pain to play widespread harmonies on the keyboard with only your two small little hands, a functioning sustain pedal would be such a help.

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I think you're right that the reason I had trouble understanding the original request is that I assumed that since MsueScore is a notation program, the request somehow must have related to notation, or at least to playback of a notated score. If I understand correctly now, you are saying it actually has nothing to do with notation or even playback - you just want to be able to use the built-in synthesizer within MuseScore for real-time performance., and right now the most noticeable missing feature for that purpose in your particular use case is the sustain pedal.

This does make sense, but realize MuseScore is actually very far from being a usable synthesizer for real-time performance. You might be noticing the sustain pedal now, but others are more aware of the latency issues. Others still may be most concerned about MuseScore's ability to respond to multiple channels at once, or to program change messages, or pressure messages, or the pitch bend or mod wheels, etc. And every week spent addressing those concerns for the sake of those few people trying to use MuseScore for real-time performance is a week that could instead have been spent making MuseScore a better notation program.

So I'm not saying it will never happen - MuseScore is open source, so if a programmer who values this wants to go ahead and implement it and can do so without causing problems elsewhere, then there is a perfectly good chance it would be incorporated into the program at some point.

Meanwhile, though, I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I do know that when we prioritize things to work on, we continue to focus on features relating to the primary purpose of MuseScore. Even playback is secondary, but we do realize its importance to a notation program, and this is something that pretty much has to be tackled within MuseScore to be viable. Real-time playback is something that any number of other programs and devices can already handle far better than we could ever hope to. It's trivially simple to press Ctrl+Tab to switch between programs in Windows or Linux; I assume macOS has something similar. So it should be simple to achieve the sort of workflow you describe using a program that is actually dedicated to and excels at real-time performance.

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Hello with the 2.2 release and midi-out enabled, enabling pedal to be used real time with an external midi keyboard would be nice. I managed to negate the latency issue by using a separate vst host but musescore is used as the midi input so pedal in real time is still not processed. Of course I can run two vst hosts at the same time one for note entry and other for real time playing, but at this point I feel like it is redundant. Please add the real time pedal feature. Thank you.

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No, I don’t mean adding the pedal mark in the score. After connecting the midi keyboard to Musescore as an input device and disabling note entry mode, you can play the piano freely with the built-in synthesizer. It would be nice if I can use the sustain pedal while playing. I’ve been using Musescore as a substitute to a vst host since I like to try stuff on the piano (midi keyboard) while composing.

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I agree. Here is a user story.

I have notated a passage in a piano score I am composing, with step input from my digital piano keyboard, mouse or computer keyboard. I can hear how it sounds by using the playback features, but, I also want to perform the passage by myself on my keyboard to get a sense of the playability for a human, for example to see potential fingering problems, or more natural feeling intervals, harmonies, or melody, and then make any adjustments to the score accordingly. In my work flow, i'm usually putting the pitches and rhythyms down, before I notate sustain, if I do notate it at all. It is common in popular piano music to omit sustain markings, and leave that to interpretation of experienced players. That being said, I find it is disruptive to the ear and to the performance of the notated passage to not have the pedal input rendered as sustain in the playback.

Try it.

notate a passage with step input from connected digital piano. Even put sustain markings in if you care too.
use the piano to manually perform what you just notated, even with the sustain markings or not.
notice that the synthesizer does not render pedal input.

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