Remove MuseScore preferences/settings during uninstall routine?

• Nov 26, 2015 - 14:29

When users bump into issues with MuseScore which they can't seem to fix, one of the typical reactions is to uninstall MuseScore and install it again. This action is driven by the idea that MuseScore would be reverted to factory settings. But uninstalling MuseScore does not wipe out the preferences/settings, so to their surprise if the problem is linked to the settings/preferences, it will still be there.

One of these common issue is the disappeared not input toolbar:

So I wonder: should be add a question in the uninstall wizard with a checkbox indicating whether the preferences/settings should be preserved or not?


Such a checkbox would be a great idea. Once for to be able to get a clean install after that but also for being able to remove from a given computer completly and without a trace left.

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