Issues with Tuplets (triples)

• Jan 31, 2011 - 16:42

I've read many reports from people having issues with tuplets. I decided to play with some triplets, just creating a mock piano score and trying things out. See the attached score for the issue I ran into. Basically I embedded 3 triples within each other. As I added the notes to the inner-most triple, the lines that encompass the triple groups disappeared. They were fine with a triple within a triple, but the third caused problems. I also had a program crash (wish I took a screen shot) when i tried this the first time.


Thank you for the report. I filed a bug in the issue tracker:
#8995: Tuplet bracket should appear if beam broken

Although my bug report is slightly different, I'm assuming that the root cause of the problem is the same: MuseScore looks at whether the first note is beamed and assumes the rest of the tuplet group is beamed.

If you discover the steps to reproduce the crash you experienced, please share.

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