Scordatura tuning for violin

• Dec 9, 2015 - 16:53

I suppose this problem is a bit extreme. I am trying to write a piece for violin scordatura in F major. The key signature needs to be F'#, F (natural), and B below middle C flat. When I try to create such a key signature, you can imagine how angry musescore gets with me - instead of the key signature, I get a big ugly X on the key signature palette.

Any suggestions?


Hmm, custom key signatures are perfectly possible - see the Handbook under "Key signature". The key signature with the X is not one you created but one present by default; it's intended for atonal music and always displays no sharps or flats regardless of transposition.

Note that custom key signatures are for display purposes only; they won't affect playback. You'd have to add and hide accidentals manually, or perhaps alter the tuning using the Inspector.

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