creating a 1/4 measure on a score

• Dec 13, 2015 - 16:34

Since I upgraded to the latest version I'm not sure of the best way to create a 1/4 measure now.


To be clear:

1) right click the specific measure you wish to change to 1.4
2) Measure Properties
3) change Actual duration to 1/4
4) OK

This works in 2l0 exactly as in earlier versions. If you are still having problems, please psot your specific score and tell us which measure you are right clicking in step 1 so we can see what you are seeing.

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No, you can have line breaks when you change time signature. If you literally change the time signature, existing line breaks are automatically removed because the barlines are now in different places. But I don't think you need to literlly change the time signature - I'm assuming you reall just need to change "actual" duration in Measure Properties, which leaves barlines exactly where they were. But even literally changing the time signature works, it just removes the line breaks.

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