"1 and a" rhythm notation problems

• Dec 13, 2015 - 21:33


Why is there two connected parts in the second measure? I'm trying to write "1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4 and a". I've tried redoing it plenty of times.


I guess, you want it to be like this?


Select the notes on 2 and 4
Then click on Palettes (F9 if not already shown) | Beam Properties | DoubleClick on the first entry (Beam Start).

Olivo's solution is correct, but what's confusing is why that's happening in the first place. I just tried it and that problem doesn't show up. Could you attach the MSCZ file with the problem?

Hi everyone, here is the file. It is a marching snare staff and the time signature should be 4/4.

Also, I was able to edit it by selecting ones from the beam properties section in the palette. But it continues to do it the original way when I first write it.
I think I may have a clue now, this happens when I write just eight eighth notes:

It makes it into two sections of four. Is this the default behavior?

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I tried to enter this pattern in YOUR original score. Same behaviour. But if I do a new file in MS 2.02 it works as expected. Is it possible, that you work with a template made with an older version of musescore?

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How do I reset my template? I just tried creating a new score and it works like I'd expect now. How do I reset this for this file?
Edit: Also, im on musescore 2.02 as well. I have the Mike Scorsche drumline soundfont as the soundfont for this file but that is the only thing I remember changing.

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