How do I fix a "corrupted" MuseScore2 score?

• Dec 22, 2015 - 17:05

My latesrt score is popping the following error:

Measure 32 Staff 2 incomplete. Expected: 3/4; Found: 1/2

I have looked at the XML but cannot find an obvious error.

Help, please! KingOfPeace.mscz

UPDATE: I found the corrupted measure and redid it.

It was NOT what the XML indicated to me was Measure 32, but what would have been Measure 29. I did not find it by looking at the XML, but by ignoring the "Measure Count" and manually counting the measures displayed in the score by MuseScore, and replacing that measure.


On closer examination, the split measures causing this confusion (by the way, use the "Find" shortcut to go directly to the actual 32nd measure) are not the only thing odd about this score. All the notes in the bass clef seem to be in Voice 4, with Voice 1 rests hidden (confirmed via View -> Show Invisible). You should select all of the bottom staff, go to Edit -> Voices -> Exchange Voices 1-4, then uncheck Voice 1 in the Selection Filter and press [Delete]. That will help get you back to a better score all the way through.

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