Would MuseScore work for professional band worksheets/exercises?

• Dec 30, 2015 - 00:13

I'm a band director and I am trying to create professional looking worksheets/exercises to use for my band. Would MuseScore be a tool that I should look at for creating these worksheets? For example, I would like to make a series of articulation worksheets that need room for text, staff, etc. Does anybody have on thoughts on whether MuseScore would work or if another program would be preferable? Thanks!


Something like the attache file, maybe? (Note that, because it's for clarinet, if you press "Play" it will sound horrible. This is a problem that hasn't been fixed yet. But it looks good, which is what matters.)

A quick search of musescore.com finds similar examples. Apparently using MuseScore for this is pretty common:

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Same here. And if I can't write everything I want into a mscz file (a MuseScore standard file), I take snapshots of some bars in a MuseScore window and copy to a text document (Word, OpenOffice, PowerPoint...). Select the Camera tool and off you go. There are excellent options:


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