Dinamics and note velocity

• Jan 2, 2016 - 17:26

I wrote this score, importing from a MIDI file, and I corrected some notes. Now the problem is that the dinamics are very strange, some notes are forte and others piano, even when the dinamics are the same.

I tried to change the velocity of all the notes, but it seems it's the same. Who could help me?




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The notes volume imported from a MIDI file are declared "User" in the Inspector.
To remedy: select all (Ctrl + A) and in the Inspector (at "Select": bottom page) press "Notes", and then place the velocity type to "offset".
The nuances are now taken into account.

In this case, Ctrl + A doesn't work (or rather: press "Notes" remains inactive) in reason I think (to check) of an other issue: https://musescore.org/fr/node/85631
The grace notes in the Violin I part, measures 12 and 14 don't allow to do this.
See the selection: Intermezzo_sinfonico Selection.mscz (if you delete the two grace notes, Ctrl + A and select "Notes" works)

So, here, you have to do: right-click on a note -> All similar elements -> In Inspector, change velocity to "offset" instead of "user".
Result: A Intermezzo_sinfonico.mscz

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