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• Jan 4, 2016 - 04:10

I’m trying to insert several multiple measure rest bars in different places in a few scores. I have tried the Instructions from the Handbook:
1. From the menu, choose Style → General...
2. Click on the "Score" tab, if it is not already selected
3. Add a check mark next to "Create multimeasure rests"

Nothing happens…, I must be missing something, I can't figure what. Ideas?

Unfortunately there is no item in the Palettes to add one by selecting the whole rest in an empty measure, adding the multiple measure rest symbol, and then adding the numeral above the measure . . .


Well, are there multiple empty measures in your score? If there are not, there won't be anything for MuseScore to do. That is, if you want 4-measure rest, your score should have four consecutive empty measures. When you enable that option, those four empty measures will automatically be converted to a single multimeasure rest. BTW, there is also the keybaord shortcut "M" to do the same. And pressing it again will return you to the original version with the four empty measures.

If that doesn't solve your problem, pelase psot the score you are having problems with and steps to reproduce the problem.

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Many thanks to both of you Shoichi and Marc.

I'm partly successful. In Style/General/Score I was able to set the minimum measures at 2 and then add measures to get, say 16 as the MMR of the chosen measure. But further along I have a need for two MMRs that are next to each other, and each reads as 16. When trying to create each as an MMR by adding measures, somehow an empty measure appeared in between the two. When I attempt to delete that measure between the two MMR measures each with 16, deleting the empty one between the two results in one MMR of 32. And when I attempt to add a double barline at the end of one of these MMRs it creates an empty measure infront of the MMR and subtracts one from the MMR. Clearly I do not understand how these MMRs function in muscscore; they are obviously not something that can be added 'on the fly' like any of the items in the Palettes. Your continued help will be much appreciated.

I would gladly attach the score here, but as you probably know drag and drop doesn't work, and I'm very unclear about " NOT FOUND: xx tags " to otherwise attach it.

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Normally, you would never need to manually create multimeasure rests at all. they are created for you automatically when you generate parts from a full score. I guess maybe you are not working from a full score but are instead trying to enter a single part individually? If so, you should pretend multimeasure rests had never been invented, so enter the 32 measures of rest normally, then insert the double bar after the 16th measure normally, etc. Then, when you are completely done entering all notes and double bars and other markings into your score. press "M" and everything should work perfectly. The 32 bars of rest will be replaced by multimeasure rests, and the double bar will automatically split it into two multimeausre rests of 16 bars each.

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Marc, you are correct, I'm entering single parts individually. Next new single part that comes up I'll do as you said, and I'll be 'amazed' when just pressing 'M' will do the trick. In the meantime for the parts I have already done (12 or so) at first I just used an empty measure with a text box and entered numerals for the MMRs. But wanting to do it correctly brought me here. In the parts I've already done I discovered that it is possible with some fussing to make the MMRs come out. It's kind of tricky - must be sure the measure to become the MMR is completely unencumbered with anything except it's whole rest. I have not found a way to fuss at it to get double bar lines one either side of an MMR bar. I have one part that has 2 MMR bars one after the other and I suppose it'd be nice but surely not necessary and probably unconventional - to have double bar lines to frame them. Anyway Thank You for putting me on track with this.

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Hi, when you have lets say 2 consecutive bars with a whole rest and the second bar ends with a double bar and after that you have 2 more consecutive bars with a whole rest. MuseScore will split the MMR into two 2 bars MMRs. It is really clever in that way and you will not have to enter these MMRs manually.

I have attached a sample for you to see this working. Just hit M to see it with or without the MMRs.

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Yes, the measures must be empty in order to turn into multimeasure rests, but there is nothng tricky about creating empty measures - they start out empty. So all you have to is not put anything in them. And why would you even think of putting anything in them, since they are supposed to be empty and replaced by a multimeasure rest eventually?

There is no fussing required to make double bars work, either. Simply add a double bar to an empty measure, and when you later turn on multimeasure rests, the rest is automatically broken at that poont - no fussng required. Multimeasure rests also break automatically for key changes, time signature changes, tempo changes, segnos, rehearsal marks, etc. everything works completely automatically.

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I am attempting to do create these MMRs ’on the fly’, in an already created score -with all manner of items added to most measures- (a single instrument part) as you correctly surmised. By fussing I meant I was having problems getting MMR to work until I discovered the measure to be turned into an MMR needed to be completely empty, as you confirmed.

However I still have not figured out how to place either a double bar line on either side of an MMR -or- how to place start and end repeat bars in (on either side of) an MMR. When I try to do that, one numeral is subtracted from the MMR and an empty measure is placed ahead of the MMR. Is it possible to do what I’m trying to do?

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Just to be sure: there shouldn't be any special tricks required. Simply add the double bars normally *before* enabling the multimeasure rests, as I described previously. They will remain in the same place after enabling the multimeasure rests, and they will automatically break the rests as well.

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Yes many thanks! The key is turning off the MMR, and then adding the necessary measures, bar lines, etc. And when everything is in place then enable the MMR. I've got it worked out aok in my dozen or so parts, and won't soon forget how this functions. Thanks again.

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