Crashes when working with multiple time signatures

• Jan 18, 2016 - 17:07

The attached file crashes at bar 2 - all staves. The advice window however says "Bar 3 Stave 1 incomplete. expected 36/36; found 6600/6912.
Am unable to select any bar after bar 1 without it crashing. Thus the advice given in
was no help. The notes do play back, but that also crashes the program.
Difficult to recall precisely the steps by which the situation was arrived at, but it was the second attempt at using local time signatures.
The time signatures were set up without problems for all four bars and all staves before any note entry. The entries were tested with play back immediately after each bar was completed.
Bar 1 was completed without crashing.
Bar 2 was already a problem with both the spacing of the chords and extending the 8va line. At first the extension of the 8va line stuck after the dotted crotchet line, for which I found no solution. You will note that meanwhile the 8va line reaches to the end bar 4--presumably the result of repeated use of shift-right arrow without seeing any response.
The chords in bar 2 were copied from stave 1 to stave 2 after the problems with the 8va line. You will note the different spacing and the effect on play back.
Bar 3 was entered next and the crashing started.

Our operating system for Musescore 2 is Windows 10. There have been no other problems to date.

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Warsaw_Concerto.mscz 16.75 KB


There are definitely known issues involving local time signatures, the most significant being that attempting to use copy/cut/paste in passages under a local time signature will often produce corrupt measures. So that could be what happened. Anyhow, once a score is corrupted, crashes become more likely, so when one is reported, you should always turn your attention immediately to fixing it. I guess this is just an excerpt from a larger score? If this is really all you have thus far, might be easiest to start over and be careful not to use copy and paste. If you have more, then posting the full score might enable someone to find a way to remove just the problem measures.

Here is my attempt at creating the score by keeping it in 4/4 time. Click on the first bar rest and change it into a septuplet (hiding the numbers and brackets). Then change some of these into triplets (still leaving everything as rests). Then input the notes.

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Warsaw.mscz 23.18 KB

Looking into this further, the crash happens because MuseScore is attempting to understand a time signature of 63/36, and things aren't computing because the denominator 36 doesn't divide evenly into the length of a whole note in ticks (480 * 4).

So the problem doesn't seem to based on the actual *content* of the measures, but the time signatures themselves. I guess that 63/36 value is what resulted from some calculation involving the ratios of the time signatures, and at one time I understood how this worked, but at the moment I'm not able to make sense of this. Probably something went wrong and that is why I am having trouble understanding. I'm guessing the problem would be reproducible even without entering notes if you created the time signatures the same way, but the question is, can you remember the exact sequence of operations that led to this?

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