Automatic Renewal of Pro account

• Jan 23, 2016 - 12:02
S5 - Suggestion

I purchased a monthly pro account which renewed monthly without ever seeking my permission. I allowed it to continue for a while with the intention of reviewing my need for the account or progressing to a yearly account. I recently changed credit cards which denied MS the monthly fee and, as expected, my pro account has been cancelled. I would like to re-subscribe for the yearly account, however, it would seem that this is likely to automatically renew in twelve months. I do not agree with the process of automatic renewals, especially for yearly subscriptions. Many things can change from the commencement of the subscription and there can be varied uses of the card nominated for the subscription. An automatic renewal without permission may lead to circumstances affecting the card holder. I can't find any terms and conditions of the pro account which authorise MS to renew the account by automatic deductions and it would may even be illegal for MS to do so, in some countries. I would always wish to receive a reminder of a pending renewal and an option to choose not to renew. Furthermore, there does not appear to be any function allowing for cancellation of a pro account by the user. In these circumstances, I am very reluctant to go 'pro' again. Is there a process of cancellation of 'pro'? Is there an option to choose not to have automatic renewal of yearly accounts?


To give you some answers right away:

* You can go pro for a month or a year and cancel your subscription right after. Your Pro status will remain for the length of the selected term (month or year).
* You can always check on the status of your subscription via Settings > Subscription and cancel yourself at any time.
* When on a subscription, you get notified via email when the subscription will renew. This way one has the time to decide to extend the Pro account or not.
* If for any reason you didn't get the email or you forgot about it, than all it takes is to email us via and ask for a refund. No questions asked.

Hope this his answers your questions.