Nightly build bugs

• Mar 4, 2011 - 17:01

Onto the bugs in the nightly build 4070, Win 7. Most of these have been around for many revisions:

1. Start a new score (I always work with piano), tempo selected at 100 BPM (default), default everything else. Now go to the Play Panel and the Tempo is showing at 1079574528% but shows 120 BPM. Playback of a song is instantaneous, certainly not 120BPM, and it is not set to the 100BPM that was specified when the score was created.

2. When you click and hold on a palette menu name the palette properies menu will come down. Just by clicking on a palette menu (not holding) to open and close one menu, the palette properties menu will sometimes drop down instead even though I didn't click and hold the mouse button.

3. Click and drag around on the score either of the gliss symbols found under the Arpeggio & Glissando palette menu and they leave dots (artifacts) behind until you release the mouse button.


Regarding issue #1 above (tempo is showing at 1079574528% in Play Panel), am I the only one seeing this? I've tried the latest nightly, R4275, and a factory reset, but I always see this number in the play panel and needless to say, the playback speed is like warp drive. This seems like a very easy bug to fix, and I've even submitted a issue regarding it: #10210: Play panel (nightly, r4156)

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