iOS Songbook App Sets Newly Downloaded Song to Key C and Tempo to 10%

• Feb 2, 2016 - 08:48

Is anyone else having this problem?

New songs I Download with iOS Songbook 1.10.1 on my iPad Air 2 running iOS 9.2.1 get transposed to Key-C and Tempo set to 10% (slider all the way to the left.)

Here is a link to one such file, so you can try Downloading it to your Songbook app.

These songs originated as XML imports to MuseScore 2.0.2.
Could there be something hidden in the XML that forces Songbook to set Key and Tempo this way?
New files I create using MuseScore don't seem to have this problem.



Downloads to Songbook on my iPad just fine for me - three flats, tempo at 100%. The app remembers your settings from the last time you viewed the score, so presumably you had changed these settings for this score at one point in the past and now it is just restoring those settings.

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I have never made those settings (key=C and tempo at 10%) for any song.

And this happens only when viewing the newly Downloaded score the first time.
I immediately adjust the settings to their proper place and they are remembered thereafter.

But if I delete the score from my Songbook and then re-download it, the same thing happens again: Key=C and Tempo = 10%.

What could cause this behavior?


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What I wrote above is the only thing I can guess. It works fine for me and I *know* I have never downloaded that song before. And since it works for other songs, and for this song once you have made the changes, it sure seems like is what it is going on for you. Perhaps your downloaded a song with a similar title or that otherwise makes your app think it is a song that you once made those changes to. I am just guessing, really, but this is the only thingI can think of it that would explain what you are seeing.

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Is there something in my iOS app that could be corrupted?
Something where the memory of the previous settings reside, that is not accepting the default settings of the newly Downloaded song, i.e. Original Key and Original Tempo?

The same thing happens with Songbook on my iPhone 5S as with my iPad Air 2.

This score, for example:
(Download=bad settings, reset to Original, Delete from Songbook, Download again= bad settings again)

For this song, it is happening consistently for me on the iPhone, but not the iPad.

Could something in the app be corrupted? Do you suggest reloading the app on each device?


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A few minutes ago, I deleted and reinstalled the Songbook app from my iPhone 5S running iOS 9.2.1. Then I Downloaded one of my songs, .

Upon opening the song for the first time in Songbook, I got the same result as above: Key of C and Tempo 10%. I pressed the Original buttons for both Tempo and Key, and they became the correct values.

Then I deleted the song from my Songbook and Downloaded it again. Same result. I again pressed "Original" and the correct values appeared for Key and Tempo.

A 3rd time I deleted and downloaded the song. The result was the same as attempt #2.

Here are screen shots showing the downloaded song "before" and "after" pressing Original on my iPhone.

What could be causing this problem?


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It's working the same on two different devices, my iPhone 5S and my iPad Air 2.
So it can't be a problem with the device.
Who else might be able to figure out what is causing this problem?

In the Songbook app, I select the Discover tab and search for the tag I applied when uploading it, "PMAA2016S" . That shows me a list of the songs I've uploaded for this project.
I click on the 3 dots at the right of the song I want, and select "Download."
I close the window and click on the Songbook tab.
I select the song I just downloaded.
When the song opens for the first time, I see what the screenshots show when I press the Gear icon in the app.

Let me know what else you need.
Do you want me to email you the mscz file?

Has anyone else has reported this problem or is it just me and my two iOS devices?

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Thank you for looking into it.
It is not a serious problem, just a puzzling one, especially since it occurs on two different devices here. Yet no one seems to be able to reproduce it.
The only commonality between them is they are both running iOS 9.2.1.

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The other common element is that they are both logged in to your account - at least, I assume they are. Also, you've probably downloaded some of the same scores on both devices, also you might have some of the same other apps installed and some of the same iOS settings.

Would be interesting to see if the problem persists if you log out of your account, also if you unnstall and reinstall the app and then immediately try downloading one of the problem scores - i believe you indicated that worked once? So maybe something you are doing after than initial test is what puts the app into this state.

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I deleted the song from Songbook.
I logged out of my account.
I quit Songbook.
I restarted Songbook.
I logged in to my account.
I downloaded the song anew.
Result: The key was set to C (original Key = F) and the Tempo to 10%, as before.

#2. I logged out of my account.
I deleted the Songbook app.
I downloaded the Songbook app.
I logged into my account.
I immediately downloaded the same song.
Result: The settings were Tempo 10% and Key C (original key was F). Marc's "Reunion" and Phenixpariloup's "Amazing Grace" that load with the Songbook app, were in their proper keys and tempos.

#3. I downloaded a dozen other songs that we are currently rehearsing in our chorus.
Result: All songs had these settings : Tempo 10% and Key C.

All these songs when viewed in Discover show the proper key and tempo.
It is just when I download them that they are transposed to Key C and Tempo to 10%.

I am conducting a workshop on Feb. 22, when other members of our chorus will be bringing their devices so I can show them how to use Songbook. I will let you know if any of them experience the same problem.

Yes, I have this problem too. I recently started using Musescore and Songbook and converted a bunch of songs to Music XML for import to Musescore on my Mac. That part went well.

Then I saved the songs for import into Songbook and that caused the kind of issues you have been facing. The tempo was wrong, often starting at 10%. However, changing it to original tempo made it too fast and the right tempo was usually at about 60%.

Also, the key was messed up in various ways. If I saved with concert pitch so I could play with my concert pitch instrument, the key signature came in correctly but the notes were wrong. This, however, worked fine with the original song in Musescore on my Mac. In order to get the export to work, I had to change the lead instrument to a concert one like a flute, and then export without selecting concert pitch. This allowed me to import the files OK.

Hopefully this will be fixed in a new release since I'm really starting to like using this program for music practice.


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You are experiencing more problems than I could have imagined!

I have recently observed others in my chorus having the same problems as I reported earlier when downloading our songs to Songbook on their iPads.

Unfortunately, no one at MuseScore seems to be able to duplicate the problem, even though I sent them my song files and screenshots showing how the Key always started out in C and the Tempo started at 10%.

As a result, I fear no fix will be forthcoming anytime soon, if ever.

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I think I finally found a workflow that gets around the problem. I download music to my Mac and fix it up the way I want it with Mac Musescore. Then I put the music in a dropbox folder and navigate to the folder with the Dropbox app on my iPad. Select the file and open in... Songbook. The file comes in with the right tempo and key and all is well. Tried it on 8 songs so far and haven't had the problem yet.

The difference in this workflow is that I did not upload the song to my Musescore account and then download the song into Songbook. Apparently, either the upload or download process causes the problem.

With only 8 songs, this isn't a sure fix but it looks hopeful.


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