Creating Parts.

• Feb 12, 2009 - 15:42


I'm just testing it for now and got problem.
For example I write Score with trumpet and flute. I put A lot of things into. After that I wish to split that score to individual parts. And there is problem. (File -> Parts menu). I got part in new tab. That's nice, but part is not complete. All Stuff like 1. volta 2. volta, segno, coda ... etc are missing. I think that this signs should be spreaded to all staves.
Em I missing something, or that is not possible with MuseScore?



Creating parts from the score is still a work in progress. Most symbols will only show up on the part that you placed them. System text will show up on all parts (as opposed to staff text which is limited to a single staff). As a work-around you could add the volta to each part in the score or add them to the individual parts after you created them.

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Now is working...

I catch the problem.
Before making parts I need to reload score. The fun part is:
If I add Voltas and then extracts part the volta is on 1'st part only.
If I add Voltas and save/reload score and extract parts the voltas are in all parts. (as should be)
If I delete volta and extract parts the voltas are deleted on all parts (as should be) without need to reload score!

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I'm not a part of the development team so I may be wrong, but, although this has a similarity to the first of this thread, it deals with text instead of markings and really should be a new thread. More chance of it being seen, I think although the team here is unbelievable. Certainly more likely to be found and read by those who share your problem.

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