cut copy paste don't work

• Feb 12, 2009 - 22:40


The cut copy paste options don't work neither from shortcut nor from menu. Any ideas ?



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Could you describe some exact steps to reproduce the problem? Seems like some hassle, but it makes things easier to fix. Also, we need ubuntu users to reproduce this problem.

The steps are really easy to describe, I open musescore (I've tried with 3 differents scores) I select a region, I press ctrl+x, nothing append, I try with the menu, same problem. I try ctrl+c and then click on an empty region, and presse ctrl+v, nothing append. Same with the menu. I've tried launch mscore in a terminal, but it returns no error. Juste nothing append :-s Any idea?

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at least in my case, which is 0.9.5 revision:expo, the last available for ubuntu 9.04
having read again the manual, I open a file,(whichever) and select some consecutive notes in one staff.
Using Edition Copy (at that time, the paste command is bold) then selecting another note and using Edition, the Paste command is grey....

I remember having the same (or a similar) problem some times ago, and having received an answer involving the "pause button", but am not able to trace this answer back.....

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Well, this morning pasting worked.
Now I created a new score, and it no longer works, although I didn't play the score, and of course did not press the infamous pause button.
Reloading, stop-starting musescore changes nothing.

Using again the score I prepared this morning using the paste no longer works

So I conclude that the probleme is not score-related, but software-related.

however I can't see what I could check.

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I encountered the disappearance of the paste function several times to-day.
I can confirm that I didn't used the "tape" functions, neitherr play neitherr paste, nor other. However I'm not able to say more about the culprit.

But I can state that to recover the function I have to stop/start the system. The stop/start of mscore only doesn't recover the paste function.

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