Music without measures

• Mar 14, 2011 - 14:41

In Chant and many other kinds of music one often doesn't use regular measures. It would be good to be able to get rid of the time signature and stick in bar lines where they are wanted; or to not use bar lines at all. Also, it would be good to have black (filled in) noteheads without stems for melody lines that are not connected to a beat or specific time (Gregorian Chant, etc.).

Again, it would be good to have a bigger selection of time signatures or a way of writing in something like 5/4, or 7/8 and have the measure length adjust to those signatures. Not all of us are Rock and Pop musicians. Jazz and Classical still exist!


You can hide time signature with right click -> set invisible. Same for barlines. To remove the stem of a note, right click on the notehead -> note properties -> stemless. You can do it for a full measure as well (right click on a measure -> measure properties -> stemless).

You can create your own time signature in Create -> Time signature and the measure lenght will change.

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I dont see an option to " set invisible" when i right click on the time signature or barlines. I am trying for now to just have a staff without measures , as i am putting in a steady arpeggio all the way through , and if i have a time signature and want to put , say , a whole note at the last note in the measure , it adds a note and sticks it in the next measure and don't sound right. When normally that added note is not there.

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so i select the first measure and do the join selected measure and now it seems to put all the notes in that first measure without note division. Which i guess is ok as it is not having the note division in there but it seems weird that all the other measures are bunched up next to it . This is heading me in the right direction though , thanks

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