FOSDEM 2009 wrap up

• Feb 13, 2009 - 15:51

MuseScore download chart for 2008, more than 50.000 times in totalThis past Sunday, open source developers and users all over the world gathered in Brussels for FOSDEM 2009. For the first time ever, also MuseScore developers and users came together. The meet and greet was arranged on Sunday around 14 pm, which was around the time that MuseScore was presented in a so called lightning talk.

The talk was limited to 15 minutes, just enough to pitch MuseScore to the room of around 100 people. I didn't count the exact number but more than 20 of them were using MuseScore, which was unexpected, at least by myself. The main goal of the talk was to give a quick overview of the current development challenges. The number one challenge is definitely building the Mac release for which we still have the outstanding font issue.

You can download the presentation from SlideShare and remix it.

Watch the presentation:


I have used Music Creator manually, but could not get it to work with my USB connection between a Yamaha keyboard and my computers. I was delighted to finally find your website today and hope that it will work better than the Cakewalk one I bought years ago. As I am now retired from teaching keyboard and piano students, I am grateful to have free access to a workable program. Thank you so much.

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