One palette at a time (optional)

• Feb 13, 2009 - 18:22


1) a small button (near the word "Palette" in the palette window), that would toggle "one palette tab visible at a time" display mode.

How it works ? Expanding "Drums" closes "Notes", expanding "Bar lines" closes "Drums" etc.

2) Right mouse button clicking the button would allow picking, how many "tabs" (is it the word?) you want to have open max simultaneously. It would work similarly as the "polyphony stealing" in midi synths.

3) Manually excluding a "tab" from auto-closing ("stay open at all times") - toggle by right clicking a palette tab, when its on, changes a color of its title bar.


I think the problem is scrolling. I.e. when you have too many palettes open then none of them show the full contents. I would rather have better default settings that close old palettes when there isn't space to open a new palette than lots of preferences that have to be set.

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Is double clicking a *main palette title* to toggle between "all sticky", "only one at a time", "until the screen is full" a bloat :) ? No option menu needed, how about changing color of the palette window or its font style to indicate the current mode .

The same technique would be used to enable/disable "sticking" on a single sub-palette, or maybe even to undock it.
Main mode change resets all sub-palettes to conform.
Looks easy.

Maybe this triggers the Bloat Alert, but I came from Logic and Reaper DAWs, biggest bloat-monsters of them all, so please excuse ;). Btw. I really loved the very fist PC versions of Sibelius, where the GUI was very clean, so easy to operate...!

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