MusicXml - Offset rests

• Feb 16, 2016 - 08:35

When inputting two voices in the same stave, rests in voice 1 will automatically be offset if notes in voice 2 would overlap them.
This is great !

However, if I then export the score to MusicXml, this information is lost.

Attached are two example files to illustrate this - a simple 1 score file (extracted from a real life case) and it's exported result.

But ... if I manually move the rests up or down, this information is preserved in the MusicXml export.

Should this be considered as being a bug ?

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Offset rests.mscz 3.46 KB
Offset rests.xml 7.76 KB


I don't think so. If you don't move the rest, it is in the default position, which for multivocie music happens to differ from single-voice music. Presumably most other programs reading the MusicXML would have a similar layout rule so they should be expected to use their own defaults.

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