adding new dynamics / expressions by simply entering text (One Text Tool To Rule Them All)

• Feb 13, 2009 - 18:54


1) Just double click on empty space under/over any staff to add some text.

2) On pressing Enter, the text is interpreted.

Example: "mf" becomes italicized/bold mf, and similarly for "D.C. al fine", "crescendo", "Allegro" and for other expressions, their font styles are set automatically.

3) On double clicking a text object you may change fonts at will, the geek way would be using html tags,
the non-technical user way would be right clicking selection and picking styles from a menu.


It is already possible to change fonts at will. In version 0.9.4 you can use the F2 palette (see text editing for details). In the next version of MuseScore font settings will likely be more discoverable.

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Thank you very much for the F2 explanation, Sir !

And yes, that's some *risk*, that your name would be italicized against your will and no editing/option would help, ever :)


1) double click to enter the text input/edit mode: a toolbar appears with some preset and user-defined styles (dynamics, expressions etc). Here you may pick a suitable style, and also to switch off the "auto-parsing" feature. Done.

- Or... the simplest solution: we could use escape signs like "\" used in programming languages, when one day you don't want your initials auto-parsed.
- Or... re-edit the text as code (raw, with all its styling tags, like html) - "double click text+modifier".

2) shortcuts for multiple text types would still be available, but they were simply changing font styles in the text edit mode as you type.


If not (?)... then how about this one very small change:

pressing "L" (dynamics/expressions) would enter last entered text (if it was no more than three words). To enter many dynamic expressions you would enter only the first "ppp" manually, then "L" many times, then just edit the contents. Quicker.

Or it could be a general "repeat last action" edit menu item / shortcut.

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